Monitoring my carbs

2 Feb

Well, been a funny week. I’ve got a heavy cold so not felt like doing much. I’ve been working at home when I could be bothered. In between times I’ve been playing with my new toy, a smartphone. I’ve got an app on that means I can easily count up how many carbs I’m actually eating.

The upshot of this is that I really feel that I should be losing weight on the number of calories I’m eating, as it’s at a reasonable level, even if the carb level isn’t perfect. The carb level isn’t that bad and I’m looking at ways to reduce it a bit.

Being off colour hasn’t helped and I’ve had a bit of a run of transgressions…but that won’t happen any more as the dark chocolate has run out. Not eaten masses at once, but at least I’m keeping track of it. Also I’ve had more PV days than I would like, but vegetables aren’t a bad transgression I don’t feel.

I don’t get colds very often. Probably less than one per year. I started Dukan at the beginning of November and since then have had two. Is this because of the lack of fruit and vegetables in my diet? I can take vitamin supplements, but what about antioxidants?  Blueberries are on super 6 at Aldi this week so maybe I should indulge!

I’ve not really got the hang of blogging yet, so bear with me.


Hoping for a loss tomorrow. Aren’t we all?


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