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Net Carbs

31 Jan

Following Charlotte’s suggestion I did some research on Net Carbs. On the website I found the below. This will take my carb count a bit as the oatbran is normally quite a big bit of my carb day. Especially when I have a difficult day and succomb to a second galette!

“Calculate the net, or effective, carbohydrate content of a food, subtract the number of grams of fiber from the number of grams of carbohydrate. For example, 1 cup of blackberries has 14 grams of carbs, but almost 8 grams of it comes from fiber. Total Carbs – Fiber = Net Carbohydrate or in our example, 14 grams – 8 grams = 6 grams of net carbs.”

I can’t just follow something, I want to know How and Why!



31 Jan

So Charlotte tells me that the blog is working OK. So here goes.

I started to follow the Dukan plan at the beginning of November. I’ve a couple of friends who had been following with some success and that encouraged me to have a go myself. Quite an adjustment to make. I was a reasonably healthy eater, lots of fruit and veg, pulses, some meat and fish, but overweight.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a yo yo dieter really.  I know it’s no good for you, so once I decide that it’s time for remedial action I’m good about it.  When I try and lose weight I’m a bit all or nothing, I find it’s the only way to do well. Lots of people can’t deal with that kind of determination, but now I’m old enough to deal with it. I did WW in 1986, did WW again after son was born (he’s 18 now) and even worked for them for a while. I still struggled to keep the weight off.

Over the years it came back on and more. I had a couple of shots at one of the medications  (Reductil) which was OK.  I have Seasonal Affective Disorder quite badly, but learning to cope. When on medication for this in the winter I couldn’t take the drug, so that was no good. All I wanted in the winter was stodge in any case, the couple of goes I had were short spells in the summer.

What a turn around this last year has seen! I was diagnosed with gallstones about this time last year. Tried to cut the fat back. Had the GB out in May. Told when I asked that I could eat normally now. I seemed to have a constant low level of irritation/discomfort until I started Dukan. It went almost immediately and only returned when I was on self-destruct over Christmas.

I stuck to the programme like glue from beginning of November till my birthday just before Christmas with the exception of staying with friends in Germany for a couple of days when I was on damage limitation!  By Christmas I had lost about 6kg. I put on a bit at Christmas and have now gone down to approx 8kg off.

I’m a bit funny about logging the weight every day as ups and downs.  As long as I’m sticking to the plan, I regard my weight as being the lowest morning weigh in. The reason for this is that it seems to go up and down a lot during the week. So I disregard these ‘discrepancies’ as I find them de-motivating.

I enjoy reading blogs for various things, mostly sewing/craft related. The odd Dukan one. (Hi Charlotte!)

Hello world!

30 Jan

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